I Got Drunk And Slept With My Boyfriends Friend

I started drinking alcohol when I was 14 and I did so to get drunk. I was looking for oblivion and I was going to find it. The first time I ever drank I had quite a few beers at a friend's house and when we ran out of those, we raided their parents' liquor cabinet and drank gin and tequila.

My parents had recently separated and in very rapid succession, my mom was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and an uncle I was really close to died. Two weeks after that my father attempted suicide. The only coping mechanism I had was what I had learned from my dad. That was to drink to escape and then pretend that everything was fine. Pretty much immediately I was drinking hard liquor, and I drank a lot. If you're a teenage girl you can stand outside a store and ask a random guy to go in and get you a bottle of liquor. Which is dangerous, I do not recommend it, but it's what my friends and I were doing.

From the age of 15, I was sneaking out and drinking an entire bottle of liquor every night. Or, I'd sit in my room and drink a bottle of whatever I could get, usually whiskey or vodka, until I passed out. The sicker my mom got, the more focused everyone became on her. It was as if the spotlight was on her, and I was sitting over in the dark where I thought no one could see what I was doing. I was just in so much pain and I didn't know where to put it. I was watching my mom waste away; it was so awful.

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I Gave Up Alcohol at 24 After Becoming Addicted to Whiskey at 14


I Gave Up Alcohol at 24 After Becoming Addicted to Whiskey at 14