NCAA Hoops Betting Preview: UCLA Possibly Being Overrated, And 10 Other Betting Tips This Season

Welcome to the the final slow news week for college basketball until the middle of April. Parrish & Norlander take you inside more of their exclusive conversations with coaches by discussing the results of their Candid Coaches series, which is wrapping this week. Links to the stories are posted below. The ep opens with coaches’ belief that Oklahoma and Texas leaving for the SEC is bad for college basketball. Then: Why is cheating clearly increasing (14:10) even though NIL is now a fabric of the sport? Topic No. 3: Will the G League Unite program and Overtime Elite (32:00) appreciably impact the viability and appeal of college hoops? Best new hire (46:15) was a blowout; Texas’ Chris Beard won big. And with Coach K leaving, who will become the most prominent face of college basketball (54:00) going forward?

Best coaching hire?

Is cheating getting worse in the age of NIL?

Will G League and Overtime meaningfully worsen college hoops?

Oklahoma and Texas leaving the Big 12: good or bad for the sport?

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